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“Our faith is over 2000 years old.
Our thinking is not.”

As a smaller church community we value the individual. We know each other’s names and openly welcome all.
Together we seek justice, understanding, and embrace exploration.
We believe God is still speaking.


We warmly invite all to come and experience this community for all seasons!


We are a spirit filled community, motivated to act out of love and charity for all as we seek unity in essentials and diversity in all things non-essential.

We are an inclusive community, a family of faith, which through prayer, song, the sacraments and liturgy seeks to feel closer to God, to praise and give thanks to God. We take Christ’s admonition-to go forth and share the good news-as our own, which we strive to do in word and deed both locally and globally.

We welcome and encourage all people, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, age, ethnic background, difference in ability, economic circumstance, or family configuration; to share their talents, gifts, and energy in the life, liturgy, and leadership of our congregation.

Our Location

2023 Rt. 176 at Bayview Beach Road
Prairie Grove, Illinois 60014


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